G. Chini, Festa dell’ultimo dell’anno a Bangkok, 1911-13, Palazzo Pitti, Gallerie degli Uffizi

Heritage and innovation

Artist, artisan, entrepreneur, traveler of lands and times: Galileo Chini (1893 – 1956) is a unique profile in the panorama of Italian art. Eclectic and versatile, he was active from the end of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century. He firmly believed in the union between arts and crafts and in their fundamental role in the redevelopment of territories. His sign and his mind always striving for innovation and contemporaneity are the figure and inspiration for the journey that follows here among places and documents, thoughts and arts.


Tuscany celebrates the 150th anniversary of Galileo Chini’s birth with a great cultural communication project beginning with two days of initiatives “Open doors”, December 2 -3, 2023. Thanks to two new dedicated social profiles and the restyling of the website galileochini.it, it will be easier to consult the archives, and have a permanent digital reference point with places, events, and insights into the life of the Master as an artist, man, entrepreneur.

Galileo Chini, Autoritratto, olio su tela 1901, Collezioni Intesa Sanpaolo, Pistoia, Fondazione Pistoia Musei

One artist, many stories

A full immersion into the life of Galileo Chini and his time, through articles, insights and stories, that like threads of a woven tale are intertwined to compose the great tapestry of his life. An invitation to explore more and less known facets of the Master, through testimonies and reflections from scholars, art historians, family friends, enthusiasts.

The Chini Archive

The Chini Archive, curated by Paola Polidori Chini, the artist’s granddaughter, safeguards letters, documents and material gathered by the artist during his life, as well as papers, photographs and thoughts collected by his son Eros and his granddaughter Paola after the artist’s death. It is here that we can uncover hidden secrets about his masterpieces, the personal correspondence that illuminates his human and creative path and the precious legacies to his descendants. An invaluable resource for scholars and enthusiasts, the Chini Archive is an open window on the universe of one of the most influential Masters of Italian art.

Il repertorio delle opere

The repertoire of works by Galileo Chini is a digital tool curated by Paolo Bellucci which aims to catalog and continuously update the thousands of ceramic works, painting, decoration, theater and illustration in which Galileo Chini ventured. A unique tool that, together with the site galileochini.it, makes the universe of Galileo Chini a digital reference for everyone.