The Chini Archive can be searched online thanks to a database  of all digital documents from the repository Fondo Galileo Chini and the inventory of the repository Fondo Eros e Paola.

The database was created by using a tree structure. It comprises five levels, starting from the general and filtering down to details, i.e. the description of the individual documents in each repository.

Each repository is structured on 5 levels

  1. Level 0 contains a short biography of the creator of the repository, retracing the key stages in the life of Galileo Chini (for his repository) and the promotion of Galileo Chini and his artistic works (for the repository Fondo Eros e Paola).
  2. Level 1 describes the main archive unit (the binder) to which has been assigned a Roman numeral; the time span of the whole unit, the archive type and the total number of files it contains are also recorded.
  3. Level 2 describes the file, marked with an alphabetic letter and the year (because each file contains all written documents for the year in question) and a brief indication of the content.
  4. Level 3 describes the sub-file, which details the activities of the file’s creator. It is identified with an Arabic numeral and a modern title, assigned by me, that reflects the content of each written document. The description concludes with the indication of the overall chronological period of the documents therein.
  5. Level 4 describes the individual written documents in an analytical way. For each of them an Arabic numeral has been assigned and both the document type and the contents has been described, placing them within the space and time of when they were written. Searches by date and by text will also be available.

Each document, whether paper, photo or other media, has the following:
1. Sequence number
2. Date
3. Content
4. Place
5. Series