The Chini Archives development project was established thanks to an institutional partnership that has the enhancement of cultural heritage and the spreading of culture as a common basis.
From 2012, the Chini Archives have undergone intensive reorganisation and inventory carried out by Promo PA Foundation with the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca.
The project had two objectives: the preservation and dissemination of documents, to avert the risk of dispersion and the loss of memory of this extraordinary testimony, and the implementation of the partnership, through the involvement of all those institutional owners of “Chini works”, in order to construct a network capable of contributing to the development of the online database.
The route for enhancement and appreciation developed along two parallel tracks.

The physical reorganization of the paper and photographic documentation and the identification and inventory of the two repositories:

  1. The repository Fondo Galileo Chini (1894-1956)
  2. The repository Fondo Eros e Paola Chini(1957-2012)

The digitization of all the material in the repository Fondo Galileo Chini and the creation of this online Archive which aims to make the great heritage of this Tuscan artist available to the national and international community.

The Chini Archive structure