The Lido di Camaiore Chini Archives preserve correspondence and documents that testify to the intensity and versatility of Galileo Chini’s artistic talent throughout his life (1873-1956).

Numerous exhibitions and publications devoted to the artist appeared around the world before and after his death. Chini’s work, which continues to be acquired today, can be seen in major museums and private collections, royal palaces and government and institutional buildings. Art historians and experts study his work and disclose their research in the East and the West.

In this framework, the Chini Archives stands as a point of reference for connoisseurs and admirers of the Master and the Liberty period, of which Chini was the leading exponent in Italy.

Thanks to the curator, Paola Polidori Chini, and on-going contacts and the exchange of ideas and models with Italian and foreign universities and institutions, the Archive is a source of valuable information regarding the period.

The Archive hosts and participates in cultural and tourism events and exchange programmes between the Tuscany Riviera of Versilia and the Far East, especially Thailand.