Galileo Chini, una figura unica

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On 29 May 2015, in the Villa Argentina, Viareggio, the presentation of the inventory of the Chini Archives of Lido di Camaiore took place.

“The lives and careers of painters, sculptors and architects are mostly known through testimonies and historical reconstructions made retrospectively and not always based on accurate and reliable sources. A tool that is capable of revealing and defining more sharply the profile of an artist represents a tremendous opportunity. This was in fact the aim of this publication, where the analytical reconstruction of the figure of Galileo Chini has been achieved very successfully. An outstanding interpreter of the Italian Liberty style, Chini established a special bond with the customs and complexities of the Versilia and created a specific image of the area through his work. His accomplishments helped to make the Versilia a reference point for the spread of a Europe-wide style, which the artist portrayed in a joyful and dynamic key, probably because of the deep bond he felt for the places and the people. .. Whilst organizing the wealth and variety of material has been a complex process, we have been able to describe not only the life and work of a man, but also the history of his daily, yet no less outstanding, ties with the local area, renowned as a favourite haunt for artists.”

Arturo Lattanzi, President, Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Savings Bank Foundation.

The editorial project presented on May 29 encompasses the immense work carried out in recent years to catalogue the Chini Archives. The publication has been printed with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities and tourism and of the Historical Institute of Lucca.


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